PT Bukit Asam’s Entrepreneurship Training

September 9, 2016 - News

Forty employees of PT Bukit Asam visit INDMIRA on Friday, 26 August 2016. A company in the coal mining industry, PT Bukit Asam has several locations in Sumatera, including one in the city of Palembang. Their visit is to provide a business opportunity in the agriculture sector, through hydroponics, for employees who are about to retire.

The event is opened by Anik Leana, INDMIRA’s PR officer, by welcoming the visitors to the facility. After the opening remarks, Budi Haryono gives a lecture and leads a discussion on the basics of hydroponics. He explains, among others, the types of hydroponics methods such as wick, ebb and flow, floating, drip, and NFT systems. The relaxed session takes place under shady trees and participants are provided with snacks in the form of boiled peanuts and soft drinks.

In addition to hydroponics, Mr. Haryono also describes aeroponics and aquaponics. An aeroponic system does not require soil to grow plants. Whereas aquaponics takes advantage of fish farming, in which water is circulated from the bottom the pond containing fish manure to provide fertilizers in to a planting medium.

The guests visit the hydroponic and aquaponic facilities after the lecture. A participant asks about the planting medium and how to do it.

“Our hydroponic system utilizes a planting medium in the form of a piece of dacron and a piece of felt as a wick. The wick functions to provide plant roots to grow and obtain nutrients.” explains Budi Haryono. He then proceeds to show how to prepare a seedling by wrapping a plant and a wick with a piece of dacron and placing it into a mushroom baglog ring.

To close the tour, visitors are guided to the grouper and prawn farms.

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