Photo Challenge Award Presentation, a collaboration between Indmira & Greeneration Teknik Lingkungan UPN Yogyakarta

June 8, 2017 - News

Indmira and UPN¹ Veteran, Yogyakarta, Environmental Engineering’s Greeneration committee held a photo challenge from 23 April to 10 May. The main theme was the environment, with sub-themes of environmental awareness in youths, land degradation, biodiversity, and eco-friendly technology. The award ceremony took place on 13 June in Hotel Grand Keisha ballroom.

The festivities was started at 19.15 with speeches from Achmid Anisa Brata (Greeneration 2017 Project Officer) , Kel Nanda Helin (chairwoman of HMTL² UPN Veteran Yogyakarta), dan Dina Asrifah S.T, M.Sc (representative from Environmental Engineering UPN Veteran Yogyakarta). A gala dinner followed the speeches accompanied with a live music by Tierry & Ruth’s band, and a dance number by Yuanita n Friend.

The winners of the Photo Challenge were announced at 20.30, and they were :

This photo was taken at the right time and perfect lighting. With the Sun as the main object, its rise over the mountain at dawn gives a sense of mistery and enchantment.

This is the most emotionally touching photo. The main object is shown prominently along with the garbage being consumed. A herd of cattle in the background adds a profound depth in this gut wrenching story.

Although it is common to have a contrasting themes of urban and rural in one scene, this shot was very well executed. The photographer added an extra dimension in the story presented in photograph by including Mt. Merapi in the background.

This photo shows a youth who cares about the environment and enjoys his journey. With a perfect composition, the background tells a story of the place. The photographer pressed the shutter at the right moment to capture the emotion expressed by the figure.

Congratulations to all winners. Hopefully these images will help increase our awareness for environmental preservation.

¹UPN = Universitas Pembangunan Nasional/National Development University

²HMTL = Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Lingkungan/Environmental Engineering Student Association

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