BlumbangReksa Representing Indonesia in a World Technology Competition

December 7, 2015 - Uncategory

Indonesia is one of the countries with large areas for fish and shrimp farming and thus the potential to develop shrimp farms is very high. The export of farmed shrimps from the country in 2014 reached 250 thousand tonnes. The value of this export contributed 44.71% of the total marine and fishery exports, and was a significant increase from the 31.33% in the January-March 2013 period. In terms of monetary value, this export was worth US$476.59 million, with the US and Japan as the largest markets.

Shrimp farming can yield very large profits if the farmers are able to maintain the optimal parameters for the water quality. However there are several factors affecting productions, among others are the unpredictable weather conditions. Many farmers fail to harvest because of the deteriorating water quality caused by these events.

ATNIC is a group of students from the Electrical Engineering of Gadjah Mada University and has beed developing smart applications in the agricultural and environmental fields since the end 2014. Their efforts have been receiving supports from Indmira, a research-based agricultural and environmental company. Their main focus is to provide an early detection system that monitors the changes in the water. Currently, when problem arises, it is marked by an increase mortality and usually too late to fix. Farmers are left with significant crop failures. BlumbangReksa technology enables us to detect abnormalities in water quality at the earliest possible time, and thus minimizes the risk of crop failures.

The device is in the form of Internet of Thing (IoT) that monitors the ponds for 24 hours a day. It is equipped with a GSM module and internet and provides a ready access at all times. With this device, farmers will be able to manage water quality optimally and the shrimp farming practice can be more environmentally friendly.

Ahmad Ataka Awwalur Rizqi, founder of ATNIC Corp., in his email from London stated:”Our dream is to make Indonesia self-sufficient for our technology needs. It is heartbreaking to see farmers go hungry inside a well endowed country like ours.”

Presently BlumbangReksa is the only Indonesian representative in the International Technology Competition ASME ISHOW 2015. This technology is competing against other innovations from all over the world. Please show your support by voting BlumbangReksa

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goes through 15 April 2015. Long live Indonesia! (Le)


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