Universitas Diponegoro KMPL Field Trip to INDMIRA

September 13, 2016 - News

Universitas Diponegoro (UNDIP – Diponegoro University) Komunitas Mahasiswa Peduli Lingkungan (KMPL – Community of Environmentally Concerned Students) holds a field trip as a part of their activities to learn about environmental conservation. KMPL is one of the communities in the Biology Department to provide the students a forum for their aspiration and creativity for the environment. One of its missions is to broaden the vision and experience of the students through many beneficial activities. Based on this point, KMPL holds an excursion to INDMIRA to learn about environment and agriculture.

At 10 o’clock, 52 students arrive at the location looking sharp in their red suits. They are greeted by Anik Leana. After a short introduction, Ms. Leana splits the visitors into two groups, A and B, for more efficient proceedings for the tours of the facilities. Team A is guided by Anik, whereas Team B is led by Atin Saraswati. They visit the same places but at different times. Team A starts the tour at marginal soil demonstration plots, then goes to the grouper farm, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, and ends at the prawn farm. Team B starts at the prawn farm, then goes to the hydroponic and aquaponic systems, and marginal soils, and ends at the grouper farm.

The tours are followed by a discussion and Q&A sessions. Ms. Leana leads the session with the topics ranging from INDMIRA’s research and technological innovations to the opportunities for internships to gain work experience at the company.

The visit ends with a group picture session.

UNDIP students have visited us. We are looking forward to your turns.

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