Aesthetic Farming with Hydroponic Part #2

May 19, 2016 - News

Indmira is holding another hydroponic workshop on the upcoming Saturday, 4 June 2016. The workshop will be directly taught by Mr. Budi Haryono, S.Si, a senior member of PT Indmira’s research and development team. The materials presented will consist of basic techniques, such as sowing, transplanting, hydroponic nutrient application and control, hydroponic planting media, and maintenance.

There is a significant difference between this workshop and the previous one, in which pest control will also be taught. The unique thing about our pest control regiment is the use of the hydroponic fertilizers. Thus, not only will they provide nutrients, but also control pest infestation.

Participants will receive a workshop module, certificate, lunch, and hydroponic kit containing seeds and nutrients. Indmira will also provide a free six-month consultation following the workshop for those who will practice their new found knowledge in hydroponic.

For registration, please contact Anik Leana on 085237000270 (Anik Leana) through sms or whatsapp. The number of participants is limited to 20, so please register immediately.

IDR 200.000 (first 10 registrants)
IDR 250.000 (last 10 registrants)

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