Training University Students to Make Liquid Organic Fertilizer at Indmira

June 12, 2017 - News

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM/Gadjah Mada University) sends her students to villages to live among villagers, to learn from them, and to share practical knowledge to help them. This program counts towards school credits and is called KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata/Field Study). Indmira collaborated with the University to train these students in agriculture. The program for 2017 was offered in February through April and there were 33 teams that signed up for it.

Indmira offered a couple of ways to assist the students. First, they were provided with Indmira’s products of organic fertilizers and pesticides. Second, they could take a workshop on practical agricultural techniques.

One of the workshops was on the making of liquid organic fertilizer (LOF). The session was held at Indmira headquarters. There were 20 teams participating and each sent five representatives. In this session, the students were taught the basic principles and practices of LOF making.

LOF consisted of three msin ingredients : main organic source, starter (symbiosis of decomposing microorganisms) and sugar. The organic source could be from any food or garden wastes. Ragi (traditional rice fermenting agent) or terasi (fermented seafood) could be used as a starter. Whereas sugar was used to speed up the fermentation process by providing energy for the starter.

The students were also informed that they could use any source of organic materials, such as food waste, rice straw, yard waste, etc, that could easily be obtained in the area. From this workshop, the students were expected to share the technology with their hosts. (Communication & Business Strategic Division).

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