Indmira Provided a Workshop on Making Organic Liquid Fertilizer

July 26, 2016 - News

KKN UGM1 is one of Indmira’s partners in community service. We partnered up with only ten groups of KKN UGM in 2015. However, that number has increased to 22 this year.

One of those groups was assigned to Campursari Village in Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. The students were able to gather up 30 farmers to attend the workshop to make organic liquid fertilizer, which was held by Indmira.The event took place on Friday, 22 July 2016, from 15:00 to 17:30 in the hall of the village’s multipurpose building.

The activities were opened by Bob Singadikrama, Indmira’s director of communication who is a native Wonosobo. He introduced the company’s history and profile to the audience. Following the introduction, Tri Wibowo from Indmira’s Agronomy staff first gave a lecture on the process of making the fertilizer.

The hands-on fertilizer making process commenced immediately after the lecture. This liquid fertilizer was made using the readily available materials from the surrounding, such as farm wastes, bacterial extracts from terasi2 and ragi3, coconut water, and coconut sugar. These materials were chosen because they could easily be obtained by the farmers. Moreover, this organic liquid fertilizer is hoped to replace the synthetic fertilizers that are still heavily used by farmers and shown to have negative effects in the environment.

In addition to the liquid fertilier workshop, Indmira also provided 60 seedlings of medicinal plants, which are grouped as toga (tanaman obat keluarga = medicinal plants for household). The toga endowment was meant to encourage families to use natural medicines to stay healthy.

Atin Saraswati, a staff member of Indmira communication division as well as event organizer, explained that this colaboration was one of the ways Indmira as a research-based company could share its laboratorium results. Furthermore, we also hope that farmers can increase their efficiency in farming to improve their livelihood and environment.

1KKN UGM : Gadjah Mada University Field Study Program/Kuliah Kerja Nyata/KKN

2Terasi : fermented saltwater fish or shrimp

3Ragi : traditional fermenting agent

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