Indmira Group’s Celebration of Syawalan 1437 H

July 26, 2016 - News

Located at Pandansimo research facility, Bantul, PT Indmira celebrated Syawalan 1437 H on 14 July 2016. This event was held to strengthen the relationships among employees, partners, and local community.

Unlike the Syawalan of yesteryears, this year’s observation was organized to have fun team games of Futsal as the highlight. Such games were not only healthy and fun, but also promoted good teamwork.

Another first for Indmira’s Syawalan celebration this year was the venue, which was outside. Opened with a welcome remark from a representative from Pandansimo research facility, it was followed with a reading of the Syawalan promise as well as the Board of Directors’ response.

Syawalan would not be complete without the asking forgiveness tradition. This event is marked with handshakes as we ask forgiveness from each other. There were approximately 150 people participating. Indmira’s directors, employees, and honored guests intermingled equally.

The closeness among the attendees increased during the futsal tournament. The games were played three on three. The athletes showed off their skills as the spectators cheered for them and music was played to increase the festive atmosphere.

Dewi Lusita, one of PT. Indmira employees, hoped that Syawalan celebration would happen regularly. Moreover, she also looked forward to having employee bonding activities in other company events.

“Hopefully next year’s Syawalan will be more festive and all employees will be able to attend. Syawalan will not be focused on the formality, but on the familial and relaxed atmosphere so that closer relationships among personel can be achieved.” added M Nur Syuhada, as the chairperson of this year’s Syawalan Commitee.

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