Introducing Indmira’s Technologies through Workshop

April 11, 2016 - News

As a research-based company in the fields of agriculture, environment, and renewable energy, Indmira sees it necessary to transfer our technologies to the public. And thus for two days in 18-19 February 2016, we had a workshop on hydroponic, aquaponic, and coastal sand farming. This event was a result of our collaboration with PT Anugerah Sumatera Jaya, who were represented by Mr. Laisun and Mr. Armando.

The workshop was divided into two sessions. The first day took place at the headquarters on Jl.Kaliurang Km 16.3, Sleman where the participants were shown our models of marginal land farming on the front yard. These displays consist of sandy soil, former mining soil, rice husk medium, and peat. Mr. Laisun and Mr. Armando were particularly interested in the peat medium since they were from Palembang, Sumatera Selatan (South Sumatera) where management of peat soil is one of the greatest challenges in the region.

The next stop was the hydroponic and aquaponic area. They seemed to be enthusiastic to know that the constructions and nutrients were developed at Indmira. After learning how to grow vegetables and other crops, they also learned about marketing these commodities at Amboja. This subsidiary of Indmira markets the farm products that have been grown using our own technologies. This guided tour gave a complete view of an agribusiness model that has a vast potential to be developed.

At 10:00, the hydroponic workshop commenced. The participants went directly to the sowing, seedling transfer, nutrient application, nutrient control, understanding media, and system maintenance. This session was lead by Mr. Budi Haryono S.Si., a staff member of our R & D division specializing on hydroponic. After the lunch break and midday prayer, the afternoon activity was filled with a lecture and discussion on the materials that were practised earlier.

In the second day, the workshop was held in our research and production plots at Pandansimo hamlet in Bantul. D. Andri Arinto Susilo, a staff member of R & D Division managing coastal facilities, lead the activities. He introduced and explained to the participants the technologies on coastal sandy soil farming that have been developed by Indmira since 1999. Our research has shown that we can utilize this marginal land for productions of staple crop like rice, annual vegetables, and perennial trees.

We at Indmira hope to continue our contribution to public through workshops so that we can share our knowledge.

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