A Visit from PKK Turi Women

September 20, 2016 - News

Members of PKK (Rural Women’s Group) from Kelor hamlet, Turi village, Sleman Regency are taking a hydroponic workshop at INDMIRA. Turi village, especially Kelor hamlet, is one of village tourism destinations in Sleman that has drawn many local and international visitors.

As a follow up from the introductory session held in a cooperation by UGM students and INDMIRA earlier, these women decided to get to know more about hydroponics. The previous session consisted mainly of theory and demonstration, and now they want to experience doing it first hand.

Heavy rain is pouring during the workshop. But this does not dampen the enthusiasm of the participants. These 30 women are highly motivated to learn this new skill to expand their agricultural knowledge. Their curiosity has not faded even though they are quite advanced in age and great love of farming shows in their dilligence at following instructions to perform this novel technique for them.

Before they leave, they get to see the Amboja Farm packaging and distribution unit where they learn about packaging.

These women’s high spirit to appreciate agriculture and keep on learning shows us that it is never too late to start to learn new knowledge. So let us, youths of Indonesia, emulate them!

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