Sunday Fun with Jogja Picnic Communities

December 10, 2015 - Uncategory

Jogja is a place with many vibrant communities and clubs, such as the academics, social movement, environmental activism, and even fun. Some of those fun and educational groups are Piknik Asik Jogja and Piknik Museum. As the names imply, the activities are not far from fun, food, drink and enjoying the breeze.

Indmira, a research-based company, joined Piknik Asik Jogja and Piknik Museum to enjoy healthy and delicious meals prepared by the chef duo of Letusee Salad Yk. The menu consisted of Salad Cup, Noodle Salad, and infused water. The ingredients for the Salad Cup were green leaf lettuce, shredded cucumbers with salsa dressing. The Noodle Salad contained mie lethek (rice noodle), sawi, grilled eggplant, and dabu-dabu dressing. The meals were served on banana leaf cups. And the drink was cold mint and lime infused water.

There was also a tea booth by Lokalti cafe. This cafe sells all kinds of tea from all over Indonesia. But on this occassion, they provided only two of their best selections: jasmine tea and dark tea, an in house secret blend. Each warm cup cost Rp. 1000 and all the proceeds went to Coin A Chance (CAC) foundation, a social movement community striving to provide school supplies from the underprivileged.

The picnic took place on Sunday afternoon, 31 May 2015, at an historic place called Candi Gebang in Depok, Sleman. This cultural and historical site has a 1000 year old small Hindu temple and well manicured ground, a perfect place for fun and educational family activities.

The event was opened up by the organizers from Piknik Asik and followed by introductions by everyone present. And before everyone got to enjoy the refreshments, Letusee and Lokalti gave some explanation and told some stories of the items on the menu. This is an exciting and fun gathering that allows us to meet new people and enjoy healthy food. Are you not interested in joining? (An)

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