September 14, 2016 - News

On Saturday, 3 September 2016, INDMIRA receives guests from Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Pertanian (PERMATETA – Associated Students of Agricultural Engineering) Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM – Gadjah Mada University). Mogong is short Monggo Jagong (Let’s Hang Out) is a forum for PERMATETA staff members to share ideas on new activities or solutions for problems faced by the organization.

The heat of the Sun does not discourage these 30 guests to enjoy their visit. Ms. Atin Saraswati greets them at the parking area and gives them a short story and company profile. She then takes them through the marginal land demonstration plots and explains INDMIRA’s successes in converting these once unfertile soils to become productive. These plots contain soils from a former gold mine, peat, rice husk, and beach sand. Students are also shown the grouper farm, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, as well as prawn farm.

The next session consists of discussions, led by Anik Leana, participants get to talk about research and technology in food production and other environmental issues. Ms. Leana also explains that INDMIRA is always open for those who are interested in doing internships with the company. The students are very appreciative and enthusiastic to hear about these opportunities.

Ifandy Arif, one of the visitors, thanks INDMIRA for giving them the opportunity to see inside a progressive agriculture enterprise.

“As the representative from Mogong Staff PERMATETA committee, I would like to extend our gratitude to INDMIRA for letting us visit their facilities. I also thank our friends who have taken their time to participate in this even, and would like to apologize for any mistakes and short comings.” he elaborates.

“It is very exciting to visit one of the companies that are based on current technologies and undertake research and development in agrocomplex, so that we can learn how to farm more easily. Thank you INDMIRA. We learn valuable lessons.” adds Intan Ayu Pertiwi.

The event is closed with group pictures of participants, committee members, and INDMIRA staff.

Let’s visit INDMIRA and enjoy the benefits!

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