Hydroponic Basic Techniques and Business Analyses Workshop

August 25, 2016 - News

Hydroponics is an agricultural method with many advantages. Saving up to 90% of water consumption, reducing labor requirement, producing healthy crops, and providing hygienic work environment are some of those benefits.

INDMIRA is again holding basic hydroponic workshop on Saturday, 17 September 2016. This workshop is led by Budi Haryono, S.Si, staff of R&D Division. The materials that are covered include the basic techniques; ie. seed sowing, transplanting, nutrient application, nutrient control, planting medium, and maintenance. The significant difference between this workshop from the previous ones are the addition of business analyses for hydroponics.

This topic has been added because many think that hydroponic is a very expensive system. In reality, it is not so. Many objects around us can be used, which make it affordable.

In this occasion, INDMIRA also shares many tips gained from in-house research, especially in the system construction.

Besides the lecture on the theory of hydroponics, each participant will receive a module, certificate, hydroponic kit containing seeds and nutrients, and lunch. Be worry not! INDMIRA will also provide six months of free consultation following the workshop for those who apply their knowledge.

At the end of the session, a tour to INDMIRA hydroponic production facilities will take place. We will also provide information on the businesses, supermarkets and hotels, in Yogyakarta that use our service so participants can observe for themselves our expertise at work.

Registration can be done by sending a text message in the format of Daftar PHA_Nama_Alamat via sms/wa to 085642359112

Register immediately! Space is limited.

IDR 200.000 ( for first 10 people)

IDR 250.000 (for the last 10)

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