INDMIRA’s Partnership with PKM UGM “ALOE VERA” for the People of Pucanganom Hamlet

October 6, 2016 - News

Alokasi Pengembangan Aquaponik Vertikultur Sayur-Ikan Desa (ALOE VERA – Allocation of Rural Vegetable-Fish Verticulture Aquaponic Development) is a social program initiated by the students of Gadjah Mada University (UGM). This program was carried out in the hamlet of Pucangnom I, Multigading village, Sanden Sub-district, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Province. ALOE VERA UGM was compelled to start this activity as a response increases in unemployment and food needs, especially in rural areas.

ALOE VERA team consists of five members and its program focuses on introducing hydroponic and aquaponic to the general public. These methods not only use a minimal space, but also produce high quality products with high values. To support this program, ALOE VERA partners up with INDMIRA, a company that is heavily involved in developing hydroponic and aquaponic. INDMIRA’s role is to provide training and guidance, place and equipment for training, and consultation for the duration of the program.

Considering unemployment rate is the highest among youths, in addition to limited capital and knowledge that hinder the professional development, this five member team focuses on this age group. Participants will be given training in theory and practice. They are invited to visit INDMIRA’S headquarters to directly observe hydroponic and aquaponic operations to provide real examples to these youths. Morever, participants are asked to contribute in the making of infrastructure, participate in releasing the fish, and vegetable planting, maintenance, harvest, packaging, and even marketing.

This program is hoped to become a solution to develop rural citizens who are economically independent and able to manage land effectively and efficiently, as well as those who are active and highly knowledgable.

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