Introduction to Basic Hydroponics for Mekarsari Farmers Group, Kelor Village, by INDMIRA and KKN PPM UGM Team

September 26, 2016 - News

Kelor hamlet citizens fill up Saung Utara auditorium located near the outbound yard. They are members of Mekarsari Farmers Group and taking a workshop held by KKN PPM UGM team on the basics of hydroponics. This UGM students’ team requested INDMIRA to provide workshop materials and expertise. which is represented by Budi Haryono, Anik Leana, and Atin Saraswati.

Mr. Haryono starts the workshop by explaining the basic processes of hydroponic and its advantages. Some of those advantages are higher yields and quality. He further adds the plants that could be cultured in this system, such as lettuces, mustard greens, chinese cabbage, amaranth, mint, celery, etc. The equipment needed for this planting technique is also explained and described, as well as the most common systems in hydroponic such as wick, NFT, ebb and flow, drip, and floating. The participants shows a great interest in the method as shown in the high number of people asking details on the presented materials during the question and answer session at the end of the session.
The next session is demonstrations on mixing nutrients, seedling preparations, and planting on a simple hydroponic system. This session is guided by Anik Leana and Atin Saraswati who often asked the audience to participate in each step.

KKN PPM UGM team closes the workshop by thanking the audience for attending and INDMIRA for providing the materials. They hope that the workshop increases the Kelor Village citizens’ understanding on hydroponic and compels them to try it for themselves.

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