2017 Annual Company Conference “Indmira For Indonesia”

February 17, 2017 - News

To start the 2017 business year, PT Indmira held an annual company conference attended by Board of Director members, division chairs, and many employees to determine the business direction and strategies of the company for the next year. Based on principles of improving service and employee competency, the conference was held at Griya Persada, Yogyakarta, on 18-19 January 2017. The main objective of this event was how PT Indmira could contribute fully in the pursuit of prosperity for the country through agriculture.

Opening the conference with the theme of “Indmira for Indonesia”, Mr. Aryo Wirawan, as the President Director, presented the company’s targets, addressed challenges to be faced, and provided motivation for the employees to achieve goals for the upcoming year. The next speaker was Mrs. Ir. Endang Tantrawati, the President Commissioner, who also encouraged the audience to achieve the year’s goals.

The proposed theme was to become the company’s main guideline to actively participate in the development of Indonesia. Indmira would strive to provide appropriate solutions for the environmental problems facing our country. Thus the company’s growth would not only come from the financial side, but also from the advances in agriculture technology in the country, in which PT Indmira would actively contribute from its research and development.

The next sessions were presentations from all divisions, in which all present at the conference could participate in the discussion. Each division presented their main objectives and key performance indicators (KPI) to be measured in 2017.

The results from the two day conference were Balance Score Cards (BSC) for 2017 in four important factors: Customer, Finance, Learning/Growth, and Internal. The essence of those four important factors was how each division could work in a synergy with other divisions. This synergy would be very important in building the framework for BSC so that the targets for 2017 could be achieved or even exceeded.

(Communication & Business Strategic Division).

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