Post Mine Rehabilitation & Revegetation Project

PT. Sanga Coal Indonesia
Sanga sanga, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
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2009 - 2010

Project Background

Government Regulation No. 7 of 2014 requires all companies both coal mines and mineral ores for post-mining reclamation. The regulation explains that the company is obliged to return the post-mining land in accordance with the functions and designation. To perform post-mining land reclamation companies experiencing barriers to availability topsoil to support the reclamation activities. With these problems PT Indmira offers a technology for reclamation without using topsoil called Biostimulation Technology.

Total Area: 8 ha (2 ha stockpile + 6 ha overburden)

Duration of Works: 1 year

The Challenge

Disposal, contains heayv metals and low organic nutrients

High acidity, pH < 4

Low rainfall intensity,


The Handiworks

Biostimulant application to repair soil structure

Enumerating the soil to ease the work of biostimulant in repairing soil structure. The biostimulant made specifically to repair post mine land. Then enumerated land was given biostimulant to improve the texture and structure of the land, then watered to saturation and allowed to stand for ± 2 weeks and kept the moisture.

Provide the soil with nutrients

Then after settling for ± 2 weeks, the next stage is applying more biostimulant and plant nutrition for the soil. Biostimulant sown and watered and then allowed to stand for approximately 1 month to optimize work processes of biostimulant. Biostimulan produced by PT Indmira is the result from fermentation of organic matter as well as the selected bacterial and isolates to degrade the toxic content. Biostimulan containing materials and natural ingredients that are safe for the environment.

Planting and Revegetation

After the rehabilitation of land, then performed revegetation. Plant revegetation activities carried out from planting and sowing Legume Cover Crop (LCC), fertilization performed 3 times a months, monitoring and maintenance.


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