Yuliono, The Singer Who Love Agriculture

December 4, 2015 - News

A scene of a mini concert has been happening at Indmira headquarter’s front yard lately. There sings a gentleman as he clutches and strums his guitar. He mesmerizes the audience around him with his virtuoso. It is Yuliono, one of the interns, who often entertains co-interns as well as the employees alike.

Aside from his artistry in music, one of the most remarkable facts about this figure is his independent nature. Born in 1987 in Wonosobo, Yuliono has had to support his own education since he can remember because of family’s economic hardship. He started helping his older siblings at their shoe and umbrella repair shop in Yogyakarta when he was only in the 4th grade, even when it was only Sundays so as not to disrupt his schooling.

After commuting every weekend to Yogyakarta, he decided to move to the city when he entered 11th grade. But the business started to get slow, so Yuliono had to figure out a new way to support himself and family. The idea of being a street performer was so appealing to this gent, who is sixth out of seven children. However, he made sure that even though he was busy making a living on the street, he would finish high school.

After graduating from high school, this outgoing fellow decided to pursue a life in music or enter talent shows. Initially, he coul not get through the selections. However, he continued learning from his experience and others, and eventually his perseverance got him into acting parts in several films.

He saved his earnings and used it to get in school. His entered Universitas Muhammadiah Yogyakarta and majored in Agribusiness. He decided to stay in agriculture because of his closeness to farming; he’s from a farming family.

“Our parents told us to not be far from home. They are farmers, and thus I wanted to learn about agriculture so that I will be able to help market their products.”, explains this humble gentleman, who is in his 7th semester of university.

He still does street performances and works at several places while trying to get his degree. He’s riding the momentum he gained from participating in a singing talent show selection. Even though he did make it to the next rounds, his delightful act combined with a unique pantomime made him quite famous. There have been more than 95 thousand views of that video on Youtube. As he got more well known, offers to perform in hotels and other entertaintment venues started flooding in. He has used this income to fund his education.

As he continues to intern at Indmira, Yuliono aspires to use his knowledge in agribusiness someday. He wants to get a plot of land and open a restaurant that uses the produce from it. He also wants this activity to share his knowledge with youths by providing employments for them.
Let’s wish him success!

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